My life—recently and at present

I now present to you, dear readers, a handy, bulleted list of major life events that have happened since I last updated my poor, neglected blog.
  • Large emotional blow: A very long-term relationship ended for me recently, which nearly sent my life into a emotional spiral. After wallowing for a couple of weeks, I picked myself back up and hurtled over the obstacles laid before me. While I'm still reeling from the shock, hurt, and sadness of it all, I'm doing well, all things considered, and am seeing life a little more clearly.
  • Saxifrage: I was co-editor (along with my wonderful, wonderful friend Jake K.M. Paikai) of PLU's campus literary arts magazine, Saxifrage, this past year. After months of toil, several all-nighters, back-breaking labor, worry, and stress, we put out the best book this university has ever seen. And that is not me being full of myself — after all, I simply helped put the book together. No, it's not I nor Jake who made Saxifrage so damn impressive. It was the quality and quantity of art, prose, poetry, and music that made it into that book. Polished and beautiful, deeply moving — this Saxifrage was something to remember. I could not have been happier with the finished product.
  • Internship: I scored an internship this summer with Fantagraphics, a super-cool comics publisher and distributor based right here in Seattle, WA. I've been copy-editing, cataloguing, indexing, transcribing, and generally having a blast while learning a crapload about the comics industry. I'll be there until late August.
  • Employment: As if working as an intern sorting comics wasn't geeky enough, I also scored some part-time work at Game On, my local board and card game store. Best day job I've ever had.
  • Family, graduations, friends: Though my social life has taken a nose-dive of late, I have had some time to fit in time with family and friends long neglected, as well as attend my little sister's high school graduation.
So there you have it, folks. The last three months. I've been busy as all hell, stressed out of my mind, physically exhausted, and emotionally drained, and it's not about to slow down for one second to allow me to catch my breath. But in all of this, despite everything that has happened to me, good and bad, I have to admit one thing: I am one lucky guy.


  1. WELCOME BACK TO THE INTERNETZ! we can haz gr8 trash1ng yet plz?!

  2. u can haz.

    Working on it right now!

  3. Gut zu hören, dass du wieder an dem Internet gekommen bist.


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