I return! Er... again!

Yes, that's right. For the—lord almighty, how many times has it been?—thirteenth time, I return! On top of returning to my often neglected blog, I am also dusting off the microphone to once again take up the mantle of Trailer Trasher. That means two things: 1) the Great Trashing will finally be completed and 2) more episodes of Trailer Trashing will be produced.

Excuses will get me about as far as I can throw them, but I suppose I can put forth that the last four months have been the hardest of my young life—emotionally, physically, academically. I've hit several low-points, overcome some tall obstacles, and come out the other side feeling confident. Nevertheless, blogging and riffing, two things I enjoy immensely, fell by the wayside.

However, I am back, and will hope to have some meaty updates soon. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter!

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