Zombie films: they may look like simple flesh-eating monsters, but they're really so much more

I had a fantastic idea for a movie the other day. I trust you guys, so I figured I’d run it past the readership. Let me know what you think, eh? I’d appreciate it.

OK, so you all know that almost every zombie movie ever made is simply a covert social commentary, right? Take “Dawn of the Dead” for example: on the surface, a blood-and-gore zombie flick. But look closer and you find a surprisingly profound diatribe on the materialistic consumerism of America. Zombie films are a fantastic front for this sort of stuff.

So, picture this:

A small, art-house theater in the middle of a large city. It’s a struggling little place, manned by a devoted bunch of movie lovers, frequented by an odd assortment of cinephiles, film snobs and movie geeks. This tiny theater barely makes ends meet, and it’s faced with a very real possibility of being shut down.

You see, the theater is completely surrounded by giant multiplexes, which are slowly draining the fledgling art-house of its life. Our story takes place on an average Friday night. The multiplexes thrive, as usual, and the struggling theater serves it’s usual couple dozen customers.

And then suddenly … a zombie outbreak! The multiplexes get hit hard, as movie-goers and theater employees are turned by the hundreds. The art-house, isolated from a better part of the population, remains untouched. That is, until the survivors lead the zombies to them.

And now, the art-house employees and movie-watchers must survive through the night as the zombified theater-goers and employees attack relentlessly.

Eh? Eh? Eh?


Anyway, just an idea I had. Sorry for the lame post.


  1. Couple things...
    "This tiny theater barely makes ends-meat" A. meet. B. No hyphen.

    Sorry, I'm in the middle of a copy-editing marathon and my anal-retentive tendancies are going full-throttle.

    Other than that... it's growing on me.

  2. Face it, Matt... you're just making a documentary about something that ACTUALLY happened to you at the Grand. Get something original for once... pffff

    You still volunteer there, don't you?


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