Marcus Schenkenberg: Not my Terminator

ComingSoon.net reports that Swedish actor/model Marcus Schenkenberg is in the running to play the new Terminator in the fourth film of the franchise. OK, that's cool. Never heard of the guy. He's a model, fitness guy, I suppose. Just like Arnold was before he became the Terminator.

But then I saw a picture of the guy.

Are. They. Kidding?! A friggin' pretty-boy underwear model? Could they at least consider someone with some bulk? The Terminator needs to stop bullets with its torso, smash cars with its arms, withstand explosions. Hell, I could probably kick this guy's ass.

Maybe they're going for a sleeker, deadlier Terminator, like the T-1000. But that's all wrong. The Terminator needs to be big, bulky and badass. Simple as that. How about The Rock? Vin Diesel? Anyone with a bit of muscle to them?

I think it's ridiculous to even consider the guy. It's a joke! Thankfully, this is only a rumor, and it could all just be speculation. But even the thought of this Abercrombie model holding a gun makes me laugh. And the Terminator, as you all know, is not a humorous character.


  1. Agreed, CUG.

    This guy looks more appropriate for the gay porn knock-off of the franchise.

  2. I didn't even know they were making a 4th Terminator movie. Why couldn't they just leave it at two? They absolutely messed up the whole story with the third movie and now they're going to subject us to a fourth? When will the madness end?

    Oh and as for the Rock or Vin Diesel as a Terminator, get real man. It has to be an unknown, a more known actor would mess it all up, we need to believe it's a killing machine, not some tights wearing, glorified ballerina from the dubya dubya E, or an, at best, tacky actor with an even tackier filmography.

  3. "Could they at least consider someone with some bulk?"

    I don't know what you think bulk is, but this guy could probably kick your ass. He's easily over 200lbs, with barely any body fat. Marcus Schenkenberg can probably bench more than any of the guys you just listed.

  4. Hey, Marcus. Get your ass back to the I ♥ Marcus Schenkenberg forums and let us film nerds gripe about him.

  5. wow, hes hot and i dont understand how he isnt bulk?? hes totally muscular n looks pretty strong 2 me. sounds like some ppl r jeaaaalouuuuss..... haha

  6. Yes, because being hot is the only requirement. How about you learn how to type? And then I might actually take your comments seriously.


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