My terrifying and possibly prophetic dream

I have weird dreams. Those who know me personally, and have engaged in conversation with me, can attest to the fact that my dreams are pretty messed-up. Lots of robots, zombies and things of that sort. However, I also have pretty terrifying nightmares. I'm talking "wake up in a cold sweat, fearing for your life" kind of nightmares. Up until the other night, my most disturbing nightmare was one I had as a child, in which cave-dwelling creatures surfaced and began pulling people underground at random.

I have to be honest, I was afraid of putting my feet to the floor for a good two weeks. That dream was blown out of the water the other night by a particularly frightening dream I had between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM.

I'm in a morgue; dark, unlit, cold and dank. I'm looking around for something -- what, I'm not exactly sure. There are slabs everywhere. Resting upon them are dead bodies. Pale, ghostly, horribly mutilated corpses. Some of them already look decomposed. They're all covered with white sheets.

I come upon a computer terminal. I start typing. I think I'm searching for something, but I can't be sure. Suddenly, I hear my name ... quiet, spoken behind me. "Matthew Click." I turn. Every corpse in the morgue, all two dozen of them, are sitting up on their slabs ... and they're staring directly at me with cold, dead eyes.

And then the corpses speak in unison: "What would you do if someone said 'no'?"

And then I woke up.

Needless to say, the dream was pretty jarring. I lay in my bed afterwards pondering on its meaning ... what did they corpses mean by that? Say no to what? Frankly, I was at a loss.

So, what do you guys think? Any dream interpreters out there willing to give me dream a go? I'm a firm believer that our dreams are our subconscious trying to inform us of something, so interpret away!

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  1. I don't interperet, I was taught that the only person a dream can have any real meaning to is the person who dreamed it, so their interperetations are the only ones worth a crap. I can't tell you what the dream means to you unless you tell me first, go with your instincts and impressions.

    Here's my advice though.
    First, what feelings did the dream give you, meaning what kind of tone did it have?

    Scenery means stuff, so try to remember details, anything remotely insignifigant the you can think of. Lighting from moment to moment, anything.

    It's good that you shared it with people and gave it some thought. Keep that up, it helps you both remember your dreams and figure out the one's you've had.


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